Competition: five copies of Room Stylefinderby Reschbox to be won

Dezeen have joined forces with Reschbox to offer readers the chance to win five copies of the Reschbox Room Stylefinder, an interior design planning tool that helps designers establish clients' preferences.


The prizes include a one-year licence to use the online Stylefinder evaluation application (worth €430 + VAT).


The Reschbox, developed by Italian interior designer Reinhold Resch, contains 11 colour selection cards and a larger colour chart featuring all 24 colours, which the client is asked to choose from. An internet-based system then recommends the client's ideal interior from over 100,000 possible combinations - including suggestions for materials, colours and lighting - based on their colour selection.


This competition has now closed.
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Here are further details from Reschbox:


New interior design planning tool available now

Reschbox® gives shape to your clients’ unpronounced wishes

Advising clients about interior decoration can sometimes be a long and fruitless process. Reschbox® could soon make that a thing of the past. By analysing the client’s colour preference, the unique new system generates a set of customised recommendations as to their ideal individual style of interior decoration in just three steps. These results indicate which direction to follow during the planning of the project: Depending on the client’s choice of colours, Reschbox® selects the right materials, surfaces and shapes as well as the ideal use of colours and light.

Reschbox® meets the exact needs of the planner or adviser: Thanks to its ingenious combination of handy colour‐scheme cards and an internet‐based evaluation system, it can be employed without previous training. It accentuates the designer or adviser’s competence, while the personal approach gives the client a feeling of being in good hands and understood in all aspects.

In recent times, it has become more important than ever to offer the client individual and understanding advice: “Interior design is becoming increasingly varied and dependent on the individual. At the same time, the growing amount of styles and solutions available is getting too difficult to oversee. Therefore, the designer or adviser must be able to understand and express the client’s exact wishes”, explains Reinhold Resch, inventor of the Reschbox®.

Today, understanding your client on an emotional level is the essential actor for success. Specialist expertise and know‐how are only secondary.” Based on the most important teachings on colour theory from Goethe  to Frieling and Schilling, the Italian interior decorator has developed a system of interactive style recommendations which he has been using with great success in his work with clients from both private and business sectors. In the new Reschbox® format, the exemplary system is now for the first time available to other designers and planners ‐ arranged in a simple and straightforward manner which makes it easy to use without any previous knowledge. The client’s choice of colours is analysed by a newly designed internet‐based evaluation system, which automatically composes a detailed description of their ideal interior decoration from over 100,000 different possible combinations.

Reschbox® can be used in any interior design context where decoration is planned according to the client's individual wishes. In the process of advising clients, it is a fundamental support for interior decorators and designers as well as sales assistants in furniture or decoration stores. It also greatly contributes to the work of carpenters or cabinet makers as well as bathroom and kitchen planners. It has proven to be especially useful when developing a project which involves several individuals, regardless of whether they are private clients or a business. By illustrating how individual preferences and needs vary, the evaluation helps finding solutions which accommodate all wishes.

About Reschbox®

Reschbox® comes in the handy format of a cd box and is used together with the internet‐based application Stylefinder. The box contains eleven cards with a combination of four different colours each, complemented by an overview of all 24 colours on a separate card. Out of this selection, the client is asked to choose the card containing their favourite colour combination and indicate two preferential colours as well as the two shades they like the least. The client's choice is then entered into the Stylefinder application on, which generates an individual profile of the ideal decorative style out of 100,000 different possible combinations and offers a comprehensive set of recommendations on all aspects of interior design to keep in mind: materials, surfaces, arrangement of lines, choice of colours and light as well as floor and wall design. The evaluation can be used as the basis for the subsequent process of advice and planning. All texts are displayed in English, Italian and German.

A year's licence for the use of the Reschbox® is available for € 430 plus VAT. The licence includes the box, personal access to the internet‐based application Stylefinder and an unlimited number of evaluations during one year. Special offer during the launch of Reschbox®: Try the box and six free evaluations for just € 87 plus VAT!

About the developer

Reinhold Resch has been planning and decorating interiors for twenty years. Based in South Tyrol (Italy), he opened his own design and planning studio in 1995. He has carried out   projects for hotels, restaurants and clients from he  catering sector as well as  offices and studios and has developed residential structures for private clients. His approach to design and decoration focuses on each person's individual perception of a room. By analyzing his   clients' preferences and dislikes for colours and colour shades, he has developed a complex system which enables the user to recognize and understand this perception. His vast experience in the design sector is now for the first time available to other interior decorators and designers in the form of Reschbox®.


Congratulations to the winners! Sara Callioni from Italy, Mathieu Breton-Ortuno from France, Radu Marza from Romania, Miguel Pelluch Lavella from Spain and Panayot Savov from Bulgaria.