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A.M.L. Clamp Light by Andreas Martin-Löf

Swedish studio Andreas Martin-Löf Architects have designed a lamp with a brass clamp for attaching it to shelves.

Called A.M.L. Clamp Light, the product was designed to use components produced by the studio's Swedish suppliers.

One piece of folded brass supports the bulb socket, guides a bright blue flex and attaches the whole lamp to a surface.

Here's some more information from A.M.L.:


The production run for the A.M.L. Clamp Light is limited to 100 numbered pieces. The components were all produced by manufacturers throughout Sweden that have acted as suppliers to A.M.L. Architects during the year. Final assembly and packing were located to the A.M.L. office in Stockholm.

The brass clamp comes from Skellefteå in the northernmost regions of Sweden. The black, bakelite socket is from Grästorp, a village on the edge of the vast Lake Vänern. The strikingly coloured cord is from a factory in the dense forests of western Sweden while the carton was produced by hand at a manufactory on the outskirts of Stockholm.

The A.M.L. Clamp Light is intended for mounting on a bookshelf but can also be attached to a windowsill or even be clamped on a pile of books or magazines. The brightness is adjustable – simply hold down the switch until you achieve the desired level. Switch rapidly to turn the lamp on or off.

2009 has seen the start of an EU programme to ban conventional light bulbs. Many backsliders are concerned that they will not be able to find pleasing alternatives. The A.M.L. Clamp Light is a celebration of the potential and beauty of the new generation of halogen energy-saver bulbs.

The design is by Andreas Martin-Löf and package design by Andreas Martin-Löf and Tora Hederus.