Folk Clothing store by IY A Studio

London designers IY A Studio have completed the interior of a clothing store in London that features gym equipment.

Called Folk Clothing, the store has wood-paneled walls and white floors.

Gym horses form seating and display stands.

A wooden ladder provides access to stock kept on tall shelves inside cardboard boxes.

Here's some text from the designers:



We were employed by Folk to help them design the 1,000+ foot store with a definite nod to their flagship store in Lamb's Conduit Street but give it it's own personality that reflects the contrasting area and customer profile of this East London location.

Crafted wooden panelling, produced beautifully by Dougal Linnett and Evan Schwarz was mixed together with clean white walls, simple clothing systems to create a quirky, interesting feel. This is enhanced further with marble heads designed by acclaimed sculptor Paul Van Stone providing a novel approach to seating and a carefully selected range of vintage items including the extremely versatile gym horses which are used for both seating and display.

This store is part of an ongoing collaboration between Folk and IYA STUDIO which so far has included the design and build of their online store and journal and a number of exciting branding projects which will come in to fruition in 2010.

Dray Walk / Brick Lane / London E1