Juxtapose by Gluejeans for Droog

Dutch design collective Droog have launched a collection of clothes that are glued together rather than stitched, designed by denim brand Gluejeans.

Called Juxtapose, the new collection consists of a denim coat for women, a denim jacket for men and some new designs for jeans.

The pieces are assembled with different coloured glues that form a graphic pattern on each garment.

The range was launched at Droog's Amsterdam headquarters, Droog at Home, earlier this week.

Here is some more information from Droog:


Remember the jeans that are ingeniously glued at the seam rather than stitched? Droog is releasing the new Juxtapose collection by the makers of Gluejeans exclusively to the Netherlands.

About Juxtapose

The Juxtapose collection introduces surprising new variations on the award- winning Gluejeans principle, where denim is glued rather than stitched. Next to the new models, the most interesting elements of this collection are the extraordinary use of denim, a new way of gluing and a new colour of seam glue.

The Juxtapose collection consists of a ladies ‘reverse’ denim coat, a men’s ‘reverse’ jacket and new jeans models. A worldwide first is the release of a glued leather coat—a sleek material takes on a rough and direct look.

Juxtapose allows for different materials and production techniques to co-exist, visually unified with the Gluejeans technique. Similarly, the label can offer products at different price levels held together by the recognizable seam. Prices range from 275 Euros for a pair of jeans, 390 Euros for a jacket or coat, and the expected price of 800 Euros for an exclusive leather coat. Strikingly graphic, the Gluejeans technique radiates a simple, rough and direct quality, while at the same time being very durable. Handmade in the Netherlands, each piece has a unique and individual character.