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Clothes by Lamija Suljevic

Fashion designer Lamija Suljevic of Sweden has unveiled her latest collection of one-off, hand-made clothes.

The one-off pieces combine hand processes including braiding, embroidery, pleating and crochet.

Her work will be on show at Stockholm Fashion Week this month.

Photos are by Emma Jönsson Dysell.

Here's some text from the designer:


On the one hand she’s allowing her childhood memories to play and unfold in a romantic, Parisian vision.

Where floating volume contrasts elegance touch, finding this delicate border between beauty and brutality.

With braiding, embroidery, pleats and laces the little girl’s playfulness is mixed with avant-garde details and inspired handwork.

Her ultimate goal has always been to bring back the hand-made.

On the other hand, her work is always ready to push boundaries between art and luxurious fashion.

Lamija presently creates one of a kind clothing by appointment in Stockholm.