Harry by Eric Jourdan for Ligne Roset

French designer Eric Jourdan has designed a range of seating for French design brand Ligne Roset.

Called Harry, the collection includes a sofa and armchair with deep seats and high rounded backrests.

The designs are available with either straight metal legs or a bent tubular metal base.

Here's some more information from Ligne Roset:

'Harry' by Eric Jourdan for Ligne Roset

This design creation is a surprise coming as it does from Eric Jourdan and from Ligne Roset : 'Harry' is the most hybrid and bold piece of the new Roset collection. It is contemporary and classic, as switched-on as it is old-hat and yet beautiful - so much so that you don't know what to think about its origins. Starting from an archetype of à la française style furniture reassessed by Jourdan's eye, the French maker has produced a range that is authentically undatable, somewhere between 1940 and 2010, as offbeat as vodka & tonic served in Limoges porcelain.

Coinciding with the Première Vision fair, where all his work in architecture and furniture designed with Francesca Avossa is on show, Eric Jourdan is cleverly redeploying the markers of his own semantics all the better to surprise us. This feminine piece has a near 'boudoir' tonality - light years away from the products he made his name with among the cognoscenti and the general public.

'Harry' comes in both armchair and twin-seat sofa versions, with two styles of footwear too: stiletto heels that almost set the piece floating, or a square-tube sled-base, in the same spirit as the popular 'Hyannis Sport', also designed by Eric Jourdan.