Lighthouse by Christian Vivanco

Milan 2010: Mexican designer Christian Vivanco has designed a collection of lighting combining oak and metal components for Barcelona brand Luz Difusion.

Called Lighthouse, the series of lamps have translucent perspex shades and laser-cut metal bases, attached to oak batons with screws.

A groove in the back of each wooden component accommodated the flex.

Vivanco will present the design in Milan this April.

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Here's some more text from Vivanco:

Lighthouse collection

The inspiration for this collection started as a fusion concept, where the project "From a Lost City" met the old Lighthouses from the shores all around.

The Lighthouse family develops and evolves a characteristic style of the sixties thanks to the combination between white and wood that express an air of renovation, timeliness and relevance.

The cable slides along a groove on the back. The metal parts join both wooden pieces.

The shade of perspex is white, translucent and light. Its shape is rectangular with rounded corners.

Everything is fixed with wide diameter screws in chrome finish originally used for furniture. The base is made of laser cut metal and its design follows the shape of the shade.

Material: metal and oak.
Finishes: white (metal) and natural varnish (oak).
White perspex shade. Diffuse light.

Lighthouse F: 28 x 15 x 140 cm
Lighthouse T: 28 x 15 x 72 cm
Lighthouse W: 30 x 15 x 46 cm