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Les Ti’Canailloux by Topos Architecture

French studio Topos Architecture have completed a nursery in Nantes where the gabled ends are clad in red polycarbonate, engraved with floral patterns.

Called Les Ti’Canailloux, the project features larch cladding that blends the gabled structures with perimeter walls and encloses a playground.

Photographs are by Patrick Miara.

Here's some more more information from the architects:

The nursery is located in Nantes, on a woody parcel of 700 m2, at the corner of two streets, in a residential area. The Architects opted for an original urban building, in harmony with the district. In this way, the nursery is based on a jewellery box: the high volumes seem to come unfolded from an initial central volume. It looks like a big house.

Constructive system:

The nursery was designed in order to give, at the building’s back, a protected and quiet children’s garden with trees.

The main building material is the wood (European Larch). It is used for the frame, the vertical cladding and the roof.

It entirely covers the building. The Larch was processed without chemicals, but with an innovative technology based on old times techniques: “Oléothermie”.

The wood is impregnated with vegetables oils that have proprieties against fungus.

The two gables are covered by chiselled and coloured “Polycarbonate”, according to a new process. With this technique, the “Polycarbonate” soaks up the light. It accentuates the modern looking of the building.

Programme: conception and construction of a day nursery “Les Ti’Canailloux”

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Location: Nantes (44) - France
Surface: 350 m2
Children in the nursery: 30
Project owner: Association “Les Ti’Canailloux”