Grey Derivations by Maarten Baas for Mitterrand + Cramer

A new collection of furniture by Dutch designer Maarten Baas will on show at Mitterrand+Cramer gallery in Geneva, Switzerland, later this week.

Called Grey Derivations, the series includes bookshelves, a chair, lamp and cabinets, plus a desk with two horns that support the lid as a writing surface once opened.

Each piece is made of grey- and red-pigmented resin on a steel frame.

Photographs are courtesy Mitterrand+Cramer/Design.

Here's some more information from Maarten Baas:


On the occasion of the Quartier des Bains common opening night on May 20 2010, Edward Mitterrand and Stéphanie Cramer have the pleasure to inaugurate an exhibition by the prominent Dutch designer Maarten Baas.

This new series, co-produced by the gallery and the designer, sets up a new milestone for both of them.

For Maarten Baas first, since the creations by this contemporary design star are all the more awaited andhis recognition has recently enhanced even more since he was offered a mid-career retrospective at the Stedelijk Museum's-Hertogenbosch (running until May 24th, 2010) and was elected Designer of the Year 2009 at Design Miami/.

Then for the gallery, since after Tom Dixon, Studio Makkink & Bey and Studio Job it’s another very big name in design who grants us with his trust and accepts to participate to our program.

This exhibition was an opportunity for Maarten Baas and the gallery to question the edition process in relation to the production process.

This lead to the conclusion that this specific series should stay very unique considering the hundred of crafting hours which were spent on each piece making the idea of an edition a nonsense.

Therefore, apart from the Desk Light which was partially produced using a mould (for it’s base), all other five works are unique, together with one true artist proof meant exclusively to reach museums or prominent private collections.

This approach is also very close to Maarten’s way of working, making all pieces in his own studio, a farm in the Dutch countryside which allows him to work in a spontaneous and intuitive style, combined with high quality craftsmanship which is the focus of this intriguing collection.

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