Split Chair by Daniel Lorch

At DMY Berlin this week designer Daniel Lorch will present a chair made by splitting a steel tube and peeling back the legs.

Split Chair by Daniel Lorch

Called Split Chair, the backrest and four legs are made from a single tube, with a sheet-steel seat slung over two cross-bars between them.

DMY Berlin opens 9-13 June.

Split Chair by Daniel Lorch

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Split Chair by Daniel Lorch

Here's some more information from Lorch:

Split Chair

During the last couple of months I have intensively studied the design of steel-tube furniture between 1920 to 1940. With the Split Chair, I intend to develop further the classic tube bending construction on the basis of today’s technology. Through the bridging of traditional tube bending with newest 3D laser-technology, a new construction, which stands for material efficiency and self-evident design, became feasible.

Supported by: Käppler & Pausch (kaeppler-pausch.de), GSI SLV (slv-bb.de)

W 52 x D 44 x H 74

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