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Dezeen's new comments system

Hello readers! Over the weekend we installed a new system for submitting and managing comments - scroll to the bottom of any story (including this one) to see it in action.

The Intense Debate system allows readers to log in using Twitter, Facebook and other popular networks, respond to comments by others and vote for their favourite (and least favourite) comments.

It also allows much better and easier social bookmarking, retweeting and more.

If you log in via a social network, you can gradually earn a reputation score based on the number of comments you post and the votes they get. We hope this will lead to a better level of debate and require less moderating by us, as readers with high reputation scores will be able to bypass the moderating process.

We hope you enjoy using it! Let us know if you spot any glitches or can think of any improvements. Please us the comments system below to tell us what you think.

Love from Dezeen.

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