Skitsch CEO Renato Preti relieved of duties

Italian design brand Skitsch have sacked their CEO Renato Preti. See press release below.

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Skitsch shareholder’s assembly has relieved CEO

  • Shareholders confirm strategy and recapitalize company.
  • New CEO to be appointed soon.

The assembly of the company SKITSCH has decided to relieve Renato Preti of his post as CEO, giving a new course to the management of the company.

In the next days the Board of Directors will appoint the new managers that will bring on the development plan of the company along with the existing qualified team.

The shareholders, granting the validity of the project have confirmed their will to attain the growth of the company, providing it with the financial and managerial means that are necessary to consolidate the results already achieved and make of SKITSCH an excellent reality of the Made in Italy design.

The shareholders have also reconfirmed their trust in the team of collaborators and consultants that have contributed since the beginning to the development and success of the brand. In particular they would like to thank Cristina Morozzi who grants the quality and the consistency of the style that characterizes SKITSCH in her role of Artistic Director, and Francesco Pozzato, Product Development Manager, whose competence will secure for the future the practical realization of the objects created esclusively for SKITSCH by the designers. They reissue their appreciation for the work of Luca Bombassei, designer of the Milan and London stores, of the layout and image of SKITSCH, and who will extend his role by contributing thanks to his experience to the artistic direction of the company.

SKITSCH S.p.A, was founded in 2008 in Milan. Shareholders are: Mobili Barcella spa, Bonaparte srl, Lunetta Immobiliare srl, Design Future srl, HAT spa, Cornice snc, Fintes srl. It sells design products made by the creativity of wellknown and emerging designers. It distributes its products in the Milan and London stores, through its website (, the catalogue and a selected net of retailers in Europe and worldwide.


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