Corbeille by Amaury Poudray for Fabrica

Corbeille by Amaury Poudray for Fabrica

Milan 2011: French designer Amaury Poudray has designed this waste-paper bin to be burnt with its contents for design brand Fabrica.

Corbeille by Amaury Poudray for Fabrica

Called Corbeille, meaning basket, the piece can be slotted together by the user without any screws or nails.

Corbeille by Amaury Poudray for Fabrica

When full it can be turned upside down and burnt in the garden, disposing of both the waste-paper and the bin itself.

Corbeille by Amaury Poudray for Fabrica

The piece was displayed as part of an exhibition titled Garden at Home in Milan last month.

Photographs are by Gustavo Millon.

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The following is from the designer:

Corbeille by Amaury Poudray for Fabrica:

Exhibited in ATCASA exhibition in Milan Lambrate last week with the theme = DIY Garden

My object proposes an inside and outside use. It is a paper trash to build yourself (DIY) and to spend time outside. At night, full of paper, it is great to take your trash out, flip it and burn it thanks to the paper inside. All the assembling part are in wood (no screws) all is burning and disapear, only stays the stars.

For me, the most important element to live whenever and wherever outside is Fire. I wanted an inside object able to go outside to give us fire. Corbeille is a bin for papers that you can reverse outside. It becomes a fireplace. All your accumulated papers makes it easier to start a fire at night, enjoy the silence and admire the milky way.

To build it, you don't use any screws, only wooden sticks, after bruning it, everything has disapeared.