Libratone Live design competition

Libratone Live design competition

Dezeen promotion: design a speaker cover for Copenhagen audio brand Libratone for the chance to win a Libratone Live Airplay sound system worth £599.

Libratone Live design competition

The Libratone Live is a wireless speaker with 360 degree stereo sound, finished in chrome and cashmere in five colours.

Libratone Live design competition

The competition brief calls for a design for the lid of the speaker - download the specification here. Applicants must use the downloaded PDF as a template.

Libratone Live design competition

This competition has now closed.

Libratone Live design competition

The winner will receive a Libratone Live Airplay sound system worth £599 and the chance to see their design go into production.

Good luck!

Here are some more details from Libratone:

How sound is supposed to sound

The Libratone Live, a versatile and powerful Airplay sound system, allows music to flow freely without wires or loss of sound quality, directly from an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or computer. Oozing quality, the Libratone Live has an output of 150W and is supplemented by high-end audio components, usually seen in much more expensive units. Additionally, patented FullRoom® technology provides the user with room-filling 360 degree stereo sound, meaning you only need one. The Libratone Live is ideal for those who want instant access to a complete music library whether they’re in the kitchen, office or living room.

Contemporary design

The Libratone Live is not just a stand-alone object. Its contemporary design and Scandinavian heritage fit in with the arrangement of a room, matching the life that is being lived, the activities that take place and the people that use it. It features a satin chrome handle for easy portability, comes in several colours, including slate grey, blood orange, vanilla beige, blueberry black and lime green, and is finished in luxury cashmere wool. Libratone has developed a desirable piece of sound furniture that stands out and yet blends in at the same time and by combining the freedom of wireless, Airplay technology, high-end sound quality and a Scandinavian aesthetic, Libratone has also blurred the lines between interior design and technology.

Libratone’s design philosophy is; “We design to stand out, but not like a sore thumb. We design to blur the lines between furniture and sound systems by applying the aesthetics of the Scandinavian heritage to our design thinking.”

The competition

The competition brief invites designers from Europe to create and submit designs for the lid of the Libratone Live. A template is available to download from here which includes measurements etc. There are no guidelines for the designs; they could be Abstract, Pop Art or computer generated, as long as they are unique.

Participants of this competition will not only have the opportunity to win a Libratone Live worth £599, but the winner, selected by a jury, will be given the opportunity to have their design put into production and sold as a limited edition all over the world. Each participant can submit 3 designs to the competition.

Watch a movie about Libratone here.

Congratulations to the winner! Evita Šmagre wins a Libratone Live Airplay sound system worth £599. Take a look at her design here.