Antenna by Neil Poulton for Vertigo Bird

This telescopic desk lamp by Scottish designer Neil Poulton mimics the look of an analogue radio aerial.

Antenna by Neil Poulton for Vertigo Bird

The slender horizontal section housing the lamp moves up and down and can also rotate to direct light onto a wall.

Antenna by Neil Poulton for Vertigo Bird

The lamp is part of a new collection that Slovenian lighting brand Vertigo Bird will be presenting at the Frankfurt Light+Building fair later this month.

Antenna by Neil Poulton for Vertigo Bird

Other products from Vertigo Bird that we've featured include a desk lamp that's adjusted by sliding a counterbalanced aluminium pole through a hole and a range of light shades shaped like kitchen funnels. See all our stories about Vertigo Bird here.

Photography is by Tilen Sepič.

Here are some more details from Vertigo Bird:

Antenna is a delicate statement - a fragile and minimalist expression of the desk lamp, a poetic simplification of task lighting. The surprise is in the way that Antenna telescopes apart, pulling up to light the table, pushing down to highlight the keyboard or page, rotating and turning to accent a picture on the wall.

Some would argue that the once ubiquitous telescopic aerial is an endangered species, an instrument made obsolete by technological progress, but Antenna’s knowing reference to an analogue heritage of pre-digital cars, FM radios and portable TVs is married to silent-butler state-ofthe-art technology to make a truly fresh and modern statement. The simplicity and fragility of “Antenna” belies the lamps technical sophistication.

Material: metal
Colours: black- glossy