Textasiða by Snæfríð Thorsteinsand Hildigunnur Gunnarsdottir

Textasiða, a typography exhibition by graphic designers Snæfríð Thorsteins and Hildigunnur Gunnarsdottir, was on show last month at Crymogea as part of DesignMarch 2012 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The exhibition comprised large wall-mounted tablets with racks of moveable letters like Scrabble tiles.

The letter blocks come in different sizes and allow the user to rearrange them to create messages and sayings.

The variations in the size of each letter block play with light and shadow, changing as the blocks are moved around. The exhibition also included a hand-bound book of Icelandic birds by Benedict Gröndal Sveinbjarnarson.

The images above were taken with the Pentax K-01 camera designed by Marc Newson, which was kindly given to us by Pentax for the trip. You can also see our architecture tour and studio visits from the trip, or watch an interview with Marc Newson talking about the camera on Dezeen Screen.