Five years ago...

This week five years ago it seemed like everyone was talking about the logo created by graphic designers Wolff Olins for the London 2012 Olympics. British tabloid The Sun claimed the accompanying video could trigger epileptic fits, while Dezeen readers couldn't believe it cost £400,000 and even questioned whether it was a hoax.

Jasper Morrison for Samsung

It was also a big week for mobile phones, when Samsung unveiled a handset designed by Jasper Morrison (above) and car manufacturer Porsche launched a phone of their own. Unfortunately they faced tough competition from Apple, who had first unveiled the iPhone earlier that year and went on to sell over a hundred million of them.

Belu by Zaha Hadid

Meanwhile, Zaha Hadid was also having a busy few weeks and unveiled not one but four new furniture designs (including a combined table, chair and sideboarda table with curved leg and a table with integrated vases). In a recent interview we filmed with Hadid she explains how she enjoys the faster turnaround of designing furniture in comparison to architecture, but has been far too busy recently to do much more.

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