Broadway Malyan design city for 100,000 inhabitants

Dezeen Wire: architects Broadway Malyan have unveiled plans to build a city for 100,000 inhabitants in Brazil.

Convida Suape by Broadway Malyan

Convida Suape will be constructed in four phases and is intended to set a benchmark for sustainable urban development in the north-east of the country.

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Here's the full press release from the architects:

Broadway Malyan’s vision for new Brazilian city launched by Moura Dubeux

The masterplan vision for Convida Suape, a new city in North Eastern Brazil, designed by global architecture, urbanism and design practice Broadway Malyan, has been officially launched by the practice’s client, Moura Dubeux Engineering and Cone S/A.

Convida Suape is a sustainable urban extension of the city of Cabo de Santo Agostinho near Recife, the capital city of the State of Pernambuco, and will result in the transformation of a 470 hectare area to accommodate up to 100,000 inhabitants.

The practice’s design was delivered by a world-class integrated team of masterplanners, urban designers, architects, landscape architects and branding specialists based in its São Paulo, Lisbon and London offices.

It promotes a compact urban model for walkability and sustainable access to learning, healthcare and employment. It features green buildings and new building typologies with integrated utility provision, will enhance the natural landscape and river corridors, and includes a substantial on-going habitat-restoration programme.

The city will be built in four phases with ten distinct neighbourhoods providing 25,000 new homes set in 154 hectares of open space, as well as substantial provision for new businesses, health, education and leisure activities.

Practice Director Margarida Caldeira said: “Convida Suape will set a benchmark for strategic urban development and city expansion projects in North Eastern Brazil, now one of the fastest growth areas in the world. The launch is testament to the integrated work of our world-class team of design experts delivering on our client’s ambitions in partnership with its stakeholders.”

Since the practice opened its São Paulo office in 2011 it has secured a series of projects in South America, including masterplanning and major mixed-use projects in Brazil for clients such as Moura Dubeux which it is supporting on several schemes, and it is now actively targeting countries including Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.