BIO23 exhibitors announced

BIO23 exhibitors announced

Dezeen promotion: the exhibitor line-up has been announced for the 23rd Biennial of design (BIO23), taking place from 27 September to 11 November 2012 at the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

BIO23 exhibitors announced

Above: Trade Union woven vessel series by Rachel Griffin, Earnest Studio - Digitalisation category exhibitor

The exhibition with the theme “Design Relations” has been curated by Dutch studio Organisation in Design.

BIO23 exhibitors announced

Above: Particles series of vessels by Studio Jo Meesters - Globalisation category exhibitor

Exhibitors are split into four main categories: technology, globalisation, digitalisation and products.

BIO23 exhibitors announced

Above: Sea Chair by Studio Swine and Kieren Jones - Globalisation category exhibitor

This year's best work will be selected by an international jury and presented with the BIO Design Awards at the opening of the Biennial.

BIO23 exhibitors announced

Above: Daily Poetry: Toys for Contemplation by Ingrid Hulskamp - Digitalisation category exhibitor

The exhibition will take place at the Museum of Architecture and Design, Path to Fužine 2, 1000 Ljubljana, from 27 September to 11 November 2012 and is open from 10am to 6pm Tuesday to Sunday, with late opening until 9pm on Thursdays. It will be closed on Mondays and on 1 November.

BIO23 exhibitors announced

Above: Living Artefacts by Stefan Schwabe - Technology category exhibitor

Read the full list of exhibitors below:


Tuur Van Balen, Dna Hacking Yoghurt, 2011
Stefan Schwabe, Living Artefacts, 2012
Joris Laarman, Halflife Lamp, 2010
Lucy Mcrae, Swallowable Parfum, 2011

Susana Soares, Bee’s Diagnostic Tool, 2007– On Going Project
Claudia Bär, Wisb Walking Impairment Sport Bike, 2011
Borut Keržič, Breathtaking Wristlet Pef (Personal Asthma Monitoring Device) Meter, 2012
Zmago Vidrih, Art-Leg Sport Knee, 2011
Co &Amp; Co Communication, Dsi – Dry Salt Inhaler, 2012
Irene Capra, A Mente Fisica Fashion Accessory, 2011

Machines And Processes
Jólan Van Der Wiel, Gravity Stool, 2011
Max Böhme, Wooden Coats, 2011
Thomas Maincent, Spiderfarm, 2011
Diane Leclair Bisson, Collaboration (On Some Products) Vito Giontan Lassandro, Edible Containers, Sustainable Food Design Products, 2010
Rick Tegelaar, Meshmatics Lamps, 2011
Jim Termeer, Jess Giffin, Studio Giffin’termeer, Sugar Frames Growing Consumer Electronics, 2011
Lieske Schreuder, Snail Laboratory, 2012
Christian Fiebig, Computer Augmented Crafts Prototyping Interface, 2011
Thomas Vailly, Co-Author Gardar Eyjolfsson, The New Context, 2011
Mischer’ Traxler, Collective Works, 2011


Industry Leftovers
Studio Swine, Kieren Jones, Co-Authors Azusa Murakami, Alexander Groves, Sea Chair, 2012
Nienke Jannsen, Plywood Cabinet, 2011
Irena Rojs, (Un)Useful Clothes Collection, 2012
Hettler.Tüllmann, Paper Planet Furniture, 2012
Studio Jo Meesters, Particles Series Of Vessels, 2012
Erik De Laurens, The Fish Feast, 2011

Smart Solutions
Herbert Gsottbauer, Extra-Light Modular Structure Construction System, 2010
Tom De Vrieze, James Van Vossel, Ff1 Fox &Amp; Freeze1 Felt Chair, 2010
Shir Atar, 3Dlc Collection Furniture, 2011
Arijana Gadžijev, Hybriding Clothing Collection, 2012
Capolinea Design, Tonda Armchair, 2012
Monica Correia, Flowerbud Stool, 2011
Vinicius Lima, Span Coffee Table, 2012
Bernarda Silov, Davor Silov, Atmosfera, Boomerang Furniture, 2010

Urban Environments
Matej Colja, Green Wall Architectural Element, 2011
Cesare Griffa, Co-Authors Massimiliano Manno, Denise Giordana, Federico Borello, Photo-Bio Creature, 2012
Bratislav Gaković, Zoran Lazović, Nemanja Zorić, Ivan Zorić, Aleksandra Kirn, Ksenija Bunjak, Milena Delević - Grbić, Aleksandar Bobič, Vladan Stevović, Co-Authors Milorad Ristić, Srdjan Tufegdžić, Intelligent Eyelashes Adaptable Solar Façade, 2010
Kristýna Pojerová, Glasshouse Lamp, 2011

Rui Quinta, Tiago Nunes, Fishing For Ideas, Redefining Business, 2012
Barbara Flaquer, Ametlla + Partners, Ametlla+ De Mallorca Almond Seasoning, 2011
Kailash Verma, Co-Authors Amit Jaiswal, Rohit Biyani, V Vidhya, Seesaw Washing Machine (Nodd-E), 2011
Šesnić &Amp; Turković, Razatuša Olive Oil Packaging, 2011
Daniela Dossi, Pure And Impure: Living Together With Roma Tablecloth And Plates Scenario, 2011
Anagram Architects, The Ring (T)Rail Urban Renewal Project, 2010
Goga Golik, Norma International, Isolation Or Integration Book, 2011
Studio Pepe Heykoop, Matka – Vases Of Skin Collection, 2012


Data Processing
Art Is Open Source, Co-Author Oriana Persico, Versus, Real-Time Planetary Urban Sensing Web And Mobile Application, 2011
Ramilson Santiago, Landscape Marble Tables, 2012
Johannes Tsopanides, Infobjects 3D Information Visualisation, 2010
Kirsten Young – Clark, Recycle Stop Motion Animation, 2011
Kofein Design, Co-Authors Rdeči Oblak, Studio Tibor, Safe On The Internet, 2011
Ana Bertoncelj, Arahne D.O.O., Fast Pattern, Booklet With Collection Of Patterns And Instructions, 2011
Nitipak Samsen, Trail$ Smart Banknote System, 2011

Counter Reactions
Ingrid Hulskamp, Daily Poetry: Toys For Contemplation, 2012
Ana Llorente, Alt Design, $1/Minute Environmental Graphic, 2011
Diane Steverlynck And Workmates, Objects Diane Steverlynck, Maude Vande Veire And Chevalier-Masson, Rope Drawings, Objects And Textile Design, 2012
Ines Fritz, Mario Gamser, Tangency, A Viennese Coffeehouse Collection, 2011
Katja Burger, Tjaša Bavcon, Jasmina Ferček, Studio Oloop, Waiting Room Project, 2012
Sara Badovinac, Peter Zabret, 3-Minute Tea Story, 2012
Christoph Thetard, R2B2 Kitchen Appliance, 2010

Back To Crafts
Eugenia Morpurgo, Repair It Yourself Shoes, 2011
Rachel Griffin, Earnest Studio, Trade Union Woven Vessel Series, 2010
Studiolav, K1 Chair, 2011
Patricija Vrbnjak, Partition Glass Wall, 2010
Adital Ela, Terra Stools, 2012

Birgit Severin, Surface Narratives 3D Surface Structure, 2011
Tomato Košir, Newspaper Illustrations, For Dnevnik’s Objektiv, 2011–2012
Bauer – Konzept &Amp; Gestaltung, Image Brochure, 2011
Éva Somogyi, Miklós Radnóti: Calendar Pop-Up Poetry Book, 2011
Tjaša Krivec, The Portrait Empress Elisabeth Of Habsburg, Tactile Graphic, 2012
Anna Farkas, Anagraphic, Goethe's Theory Of Colours Poster, 2010
Sabrina Koning-Woud, Skw Vormgeving, Navigating In The Biesbosch Buoys, 2010
Vanja Cuclić, Studio Cuculić, Arctic Diary Promotional Booklet, 2010
Marita Narobe, The Body Bounded By The Waving Of Colours, Video Presentation, 2011
Semini Pabodha Samarasinghe, Once Upon A Time: We Dreamt Of A Future Ecological Sensuous School Book, 2012
Šesnić &Amp; Turković, Exhibition – At Cuculić’s Place, 2010
Yujune Park, Caspar Lam, Synoptic Office, Swell: A Typeface, 2010
Dorte Agergaard, Naturally Digital Textile Prints, 2011
Anže Veršnik, Grafikarna, Coauthor Jure Kožuh, Štajn Visual Identity And Type Family, 2011
Vid Zabel, Mojca Gabrič, Lost In Forest Graphic Design And Concept, For The Exhibition Finnish Glass Art 2005–2010, 2011
Saskia Wierinck, Barlock.Be, Creme De La Crema Visual Identity, 2011
Nikola Đurek, Marija Juza, Balkan Type System, 2012
Gergely Böhm, Poklada Book, 2010
Želimir Boras, Quality Management Promotional Materials And Stationery, 2010
Edgar Ospina, International System Measures On Paper Series Of Posters, 2011
Amelia Desnoyes, Transitory Traces, 2010
Karin Von Ompteda, Visualising Typographic Diversity Posters, 2011

Thomas Feichtner, Drawing Lamp, 2010–2011
Arthur Analts, Led Zeppelin Ladder, 2011
Martin Ballendat, Up-Chair, 2012
Peter Toronyi, Nissyoku Lamp, 2010
Janez Mesarič, Asobi, Eyen/Carbon Light, 2011
Anna Marešová, Whoop-De-Doo Sex Toys For Women, 2011
Feodor Mayow, Grasshopper Lamp, 2011
Mia Bogovac, Maša Milovac, Dora Đurkesac, Porthos Coffee Table, 2011
Dana Kleinert, Dana Kleinert Design, The Era, Spirit Of Knitwear Collection, 2012
Uroš Bajt, Mylunch Portable Powered Food Thermos, 2011
Gabriela Chicherio, Wood Couture Chair, 2012
Primož Jeza, March Ladies Office Furniture, 2012
Doreen Westphal Studio, Concrete Textile Furniture, 2012
Tina Rugelj, My Concrete Garden Outdoor Furniture Collection, 2012
K8 Industridesign, Co-Authors Erik Lanuza, Rolf Blom, Bright Solar Lamp And Mobile Charger, 2011