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New products by Discipline

Milan 2013: pinching steel clips for holding candles and chairs with legs that tuck into pockets feature in the latest range of products by Italian brand Discipline (+ slideshow).

New products by Discipline

Above: Clip Candleholders by Nendo

Japanese studio Nendo's contributions to the collection include the pinching steel candle holders shaped like fruit, a coat stand made of rectangular steel frames and a similar glass-topped side table.

New products by Discipline

Above: Linking Rings by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Frameless mirrors set into oval bases and sand-cast tables with round or square tops were created by Swedish designers Claesson Koivisto Rune.

New products by Discipline

Above: Slice desk organiser by James Irvine

A desk organiser sculpted from a solid piece of cork was designed by James Irvine, who passed away earlier this year.

New products by Discipline

Above: Pocket Chair by Ding3000

Among the chairs in the collection, one by Ding3000 has wooden legs that tuck into pockets in sides of the leather seat and another by Ichiro Iwasaki is cushioned with cork.

New products by Discipline

Above: Peg hooks by Jonah Takagi

Accessories include Johanna Dehio's waste paper bin with colourful compartments and Jonah Takagi's simple coat pegs.

New products by Discipline

Above: Quarter bin by Johanna Dehio

Discipline is exhibiting the products at Via Pietro Mascagni 4, the same location it launched it's inaugural collection last year.

New products by Discipline

Above: Bridge stool by Ichiro Iwasaki

Other product ranges debuting in Milan include the Unexpected Welcome collection by Moooi and new furniture and lighting by Front.

New products by Discipline

Above: Clip Coat Hanger by Nendo

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Here's some more information from Discipline:

Pianissimo - Lars Beller Fjetland

A hanging lamp made with a special processing of cork which, cut in light leaves, becomes sinuous like fabric. The upper and lower parts are in glass; the illumination is LED, both direct and indirect.

Drifted - Lars Beller Fjetland

Designed by the young, brilliant Norwegian naturalist designer Lars Beller Fjetland, the Drifted series is the perfect synthesis of the Discipline style. Three stools – in low, high and bar versions, with a cork back, and a chair recall the purity and essentiality of the design - a light structure in oak, comfortable seat, impermeable and lasting, and interlocking assembly make this series unique. The structure is available in 3 colours and the seat in light or dark natural cork.

New products by Discipline

Above: Puck round table by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Linking Rings - Claesson Koivisto Rune

A minimalist, sober and elegant mirror with a little bamboo shelf on the structure in MDF which makes it light yet resistant. Available in two sizes and 3 colour versions, it is suitable for any type of environment.

Puck - Claesson Koivisto Rune

A small table with metal feet and a steel base treated with a sandcasting process, available both round and square. Particularly suitable for public spaces.


New products by Discipline

Above: Turné fruit bowl by Pauline Deltour

Quarter Bin - Johanna Dehio

An innovative bin with compartments, modular, for the home or the office, suitable for separating paper, tins and plastic. It is in wood and the individual modules can be combined and joined via a system of magnets, enabling the space to be optimised.

Turné - Pauline Deltour

The fruit bowl becomes an elegant, sophisticated furnishing element. Available in two finishes, mahogany or ash.

New products by Discipline

Above: Roulé gold tray by Pauline Deltour

Roulé - Pauline Deltour

A tray shouldn’t just be limited to its function but please and move. The sophisticated shape, rounded edges and sought-after materials make it luxurious in its simplicity. Pauline has also designed a little table, in ash or mahogany, where the Roulé tray becomes the top of the table. The series is further enriched by a glass mat, a little tray, a bowl and a centrepiece.

Pocket Chair - Ding 3000

An eccentric solution for this little armchair in natural cuoietto leather with a soft-touch effect. It slips over the wooden structure like a glove, the frame remaining suspended on the structure guaranteeing a surprising adaptability of the seat. The welcoming shape gives it a familiar yet sophisticated air. Washable and resistant, it can be used in different contexts.

New products by Discipline

Above: Gemma Box by Gemma Holt

Gemma Box - Gemma Holt

This looks like a simple block of wood but the top is a lid held by little magnets. A box or, better, a secret, multi-functional box, in 4 sizes and three finishes – ash, walnut and oak.

Slice - James Irvine

The desk organiser ‘Slice’ is made from a block of solid cork and is an elegant item of classic design which becomes original, contemporary and light through the choice of the material. It can house everything that’s required on a desk, from paper clips to the smartphone, and the pen to the tablet, in its rationally divided sections.

New products by Discipline

Above: Bridge table by Ichiro Iwasaki

Bridge - Ichiro Iwasaki

The Discipline collection is extended by a range for the outdoors - chair, stool, bench and table, featuring a simple, essential and elegant structure. The chair is in Iroko, a particularly resistant African wood suitable for outside; the structure in treated steel and the back in aluminium give the series robustness and lightness. Available in four colours to create combinations never trivial.

Clip Candleholder - Nendo

The minimalist style of the Japanese studio emerges in the clean lines, emptying of the volumes and the functionality of the items. The slender steel structure of Clip candleholders evokes the shape of fruit and the functional spring system enables any standard candle to be adapted to it.

New products by Discipline

Above: Clip Side Table by Nendo

Clip Coat Hanger - Nendo

Taking off the clothes worn in the open air so that you can be comfortable in your own home is one of the most comforting feelings associated with well-being. Just like having an object which carries out this function and, at the same time, exalts the aesthetic value. The Clip coat stand, which hooks and hangers can also be attached to, is functional, essential and features the clean lines typical of the Japanese studio. It adapts perfectly to every room where it will certainly be noticed because of its refined elegance. Available in three colours.

Clip Side Table - Nendo

The clean, severe lines and the minimal structure in steel supporting the solid, extra-clear glass top make CLIP a side table able to give every sitting room, office or waiting room a discreet touch of aesthetics and elegance. Available in two sizes and three colours.

New products by Discipline

Above: Smusso chair by Philippe Nigro

Smusso - Philippe Nigro

Sophisticated, flexible, light and sustainable, Smusso features a monocoque in natural bamboo, cut out to ensure lightness and transpiration, attached to a structure in light, robust steel. It is marked by a transverse design, available in the version with or without arms, and is easy to include in the domestic environment or public spaces. The rotating structure and the height adjustable one, with or without wheels, make it especially suitable as an individual desk or conference room chair. Available in the warm natural colour of bamboo or the more formal black.

Peg - Jonah Takagi

The coat stand becomes an element of style and personality. Simple and linear, in wood, in four colours to create bright colour combinations on the walls.