Carafe and water filter by Soma

Product news: Californian company Soma has launched an hourglass-shaped carafe and a biodegradable filter to fit in the top.

Carafe and water filter by Soma

Soma claims to have designed the "world's first completely biodegradable filter", which is made of coconut shell carbon and a layer of natural silk encased in a plant-based composite.

Carafe and water filter by Soma

The cone-shaped filter aims to removes impurities and improve taste. It slots into the top of a glass carafe, which is formed to fit comfortably in the hand and incorporates a bevelled edge around the base to prevent it from falling over.

Carafe and water filter by Soma

Founder of Soma Mike del Ponte worked with water filtration expert, David Beeman, Joe Tan and Markus Diebel on the design of the products. Soma in 2012 as a crowd-funded project to create an alternative to domestic plastic water purifiers.

Carafe and water filter by Soma

The company has partnered with Water, a non-profit organisation working to provide safe drinking water globally, so every filter purchased contributes to the charity.

At the Global Design Forum this year, a water-filtration system that uses plants to extract arsenic from water supplies was voted the "idea that will change the world". Formafantasma also designed charcoal inserts for blown-glass containers that purify tap water.

Other recent glassware designs include a set of bubble-shaped lanterns by Kristine Five Melvaer and a glass with a stem that holds exactly one measure of alcoholSee more glassware design »

See more information from the designer:

Soma, the smart, beautiful and sustainable water filter, officially launches into the marketplace today with a modern design that will redefine the way you drink and serve water in your home. Unlike anything else in the market, Soma is the pinnacle of clean, industrial design that looks gorgeous on any table and for any occasion. An elegant glass carafe holds Soma's unique filter composed of coconut shell carbon, four layers of fine silk and a plant based casing, is the world's first completely biodegradable filter.

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With the goal of going above and beyond the unremarkable products in the current market, Soma enlisted a dream team of designers, including the world's leading filtration expert, David Beeman (Starbucks, Peet's, Keurig) and the renowned industrial design duo Joe Tan and Markus Diebel (IDEO, Incase). Their collaborative expertise helped to build an award-winning water filter that is innovative, eco-conscious and convenient. With its unique hourglass-shaped glass carafe, Soma is the first water filter designed with the consumer in mind, constructed to fit perfectly into the pourer's hand.

Soma's modern, sustainable design is only the beginning of its positive impact. From day one, Founder Mike Del Ponte envisioned Soma as not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ethically sound. Knowing that a staggering number of filters end up in landfills annually, the Soma team was determined to create a product that also had a low-impact on the environment. Soma's biodegradable filter is designed to remove water impurities and improve taste for less than 25 cents a day. Expired filters can be tossed in green bins and will biodegrade completely in commercial composting facilities without negative environmental impacts.

Carafe and water filter by Soma

To simplify your life, Soma makes filter replacement easy with its subscription service, ensuring timely delivery of a fresh filter every two months. Partnering with charity: water, Soma is also focused on giving back. With every Soma filter purchased, you are helping bring clean, safe drinking water to those in need.

"Over the past year we have worked tirelessly to create a beautiful product paired with an unprecedented experience," said Mike Del Ponte, Co-founder and CEO of Soma. "First, we focused on product development-creating a decanter-quality glass carafe and innovative filter that provided the best tasting water, while also having the lowest impact on the environment." Del Ponte adds, "Once we felt we had created an incredible product that was unlike any other, we focused on finding the right group of investors and advisors to help guide the process, from an idea to launching the product, in just over one year. I am proud of what we have created and am thrilled to finally share Soma with the world."

The Soma carafe and two filters retails for $49, with each replacement filter priced at $12.99 (including shipping). For a limited time, new customers will receive two free filters with each purchase.