Debut collection by Herman Cph includes oak tables with spindly steel legs

The first products from new Danish design brand Herman Cph include a series of side tables with oak tops and slender steel legs (+ slideshow).

Frisbee side tables by Herman Cph

Danish designers Jonas Herman Pedersen and Helle Herman Mortensen founded Herman Cph so they could design and produce their own products, retaining complete control over the entire development process.

Frisbee side table by Herman Cph

"We have a vision to create furniture [designs] that are simple, honest and quality conscious and follow them all the way from the drawing board to the finished product," explained the designers.

Frisbee dining table by Herman Cph

"We are convinced that people feel most comfortable if they are among good and honest intentions, and this philosophy forms the basis for Herman Cph," the designers added. "Great materials are moulded over time, which means that they only grow more beautiful and unique as the years progress."

Frisbee dining table by Herman Cph

The Frisbee tables by Herman Cph combine powder-coated steel legs with oiled or black stained round oak surfaces.

Frisbee side table by Herman Cph

Available in three different heights, the configuration of the table legs is intended to leave maximum room for manoeuvre below the surface.

Frisbee dining table components by Herman Cph_dezeen_ss

The tables are delivered flat-packed and can be assembled by the customer using a single screw to join the metal legs.

Frisbee dining table by Herman Cph

A dining table from the same collection seats three to six people and is supported by steel legs with a square section and wooden feet that slot into the ends.

Wall pocket and cushions by Herman Cph

The brand is also launching a range of fabric products including limited-edition cushions and bedspreads made from recycled wool fabrics, and a wall-mounted storage pocket with leather detailing.

Frisbee dining table by Herman Cph

The duo design the pieces at their studio in Fredriksberg and contract the manufacture out to Danish companies.