Gilda table by Eric Jourdan

Two supports connect beneath Eric Jourdan's Gilda table

A continuous ribbon of steel forms two legs of this simple table by French designer Eric Jourdan.

Two of the four legs supporting Eric Jourdan's Gilda table are created from one strip of thin steel, connecting them along the ground.

Gilda table by Eric Jourdan

The other two legs are angled outward slightly to help the table balance. All the base elements are coated with epoxy resin.

"Gilda is a simple and basic table, with a very assertive character," said Jourdan. "A tricky exercise, since basics have no room for a glut of features."

Gilda table by Eric Jourdan

Made from ash or lacquered okoumé wood, the circular top has a slight lip around its bottom edge.

"After having constructed the table around a modern base, I sought to tackle the table top - to be more precise, its border - in a virtually traditional way with an outline that readily reflects the world of traditional cabinet making," Jourdan said.

The table is produced by young French brand Super-ette. Photographs are by Felipe Ribon.