Form Us With Love draws giant natural objects for first graphics collection

Swedish studio Form Us With Love has moved into graphic design, creating a collection of prints depicting extreme objects from nature illustrated at 1:1 scale in ballpoint pen.

Graphics collection by Form Us WIth Love

"Our ambition has been to combine art with fascinating and intriguing facts," said Form Us With Love. "The prints depict the world's largest pinecone, a hailstone the size of a football and who knows what will be next?"

1:1 Nature Hailstone and 1:1 Nature Pine Cone are offset printed onto heavy Munken paper at 50 centimetres by 70 centimetres.

Graphics collection by Form Us WIth Love

"Doing graphic products was very appealing as it represented both a new medium, but also a new and faster process than we normally work with," they added.

The prints were created for Paper Collective, a young Danish brand working with illustrators, designers and artists to manufacture modern design posters.

Graphics collection by Form Us WIth Love

Paper Collective donates 15 per cent from the sale of each poster to a good cause chosen by the designers. Form Us With Love chose the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF).

"Paper Collective's concept of donating part of the sales to charity was the final piece of the puzzle," said the designers.

Graphics collection by Form Us WIth Love

Form Us With Love is an award-winning Swedish design studio. From their office in Stockholm they have created creating iconic product designs for the likes of Cappellini, Muuto and Design House Stockholm.

Paper Collective has also worked with Swedish studio TAF on a collection of posters, which feature a fictional house atop a platform balanced on huge rocks.