Patricia Urquiola designs slanted water jug for Bilbao restaurants

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has reinterpreted a traditional Basque vessel in ceramic to serve water from a local aqueduct in the region's restaurants.

A Kaiku pitcher is traditionally made from wood and is used in the Basque region of northern Spain to serve milk, which can be heated with a hot stone.

Patricia Urquiola's H2O Bilbao design is for holding water and swaps wood for ceramics, but retains the historic slanted shape of the Kaiku.

"You can give importance to the contents with the container," said Urquiola. "Especially if the content is transparent, almost virtual and intangible like water."

The vessel leans in the direction that the liquid is poured in, forming a natural spout. A large handle on the back rests on top of the jug's lip.

Produced by Italian brand Bosa, the jugs are designed for serving tap water from Bilbao's civic aqueduct in local restaurants.

The participating establishments will sell the all-white version of the H2O Bilbao, with proceeds donated to charity Oxfam Intermón to support the construction of wells in Ethiopia.

H2O Bilbao is available elsewhere with a white satin glaze inside and a painted matte copper exterior.

Bosa debuted the design during Milan design week in April, where Urquiola also presented a modular sofa upholstered in jersey fabric for Moroso.

The designer recently created a collection of rugs and seat covers with oversized stitching for Spanish brand Gan.