AC01 alarm clock by Jasper Morrison for Punkt

Competition: win a Jasper Morrison-designed Punkt alarm clock

Dezeen has teamed up with Swiss technology brand Punkt to give away 10 red AC01 alarm clocks by British designer Jasper Morrison.

Congratulations to the winners! Jon Sellweger, SY Sam, Sindi Milo, Belinda Walter, Nicole Heimroth, Igor Emparan Martinez, Judith Locke, Barry Page, Karine Sehn and Susanne Temlett.

Punkt and Morrison collaborated on the design to create a more elegant solution to mobile phone alarm clocks.

The aim was to reduce the amount of technology in the bedroom to improve sleep quality.

AC01 alarm clock by Jasper Morrison for Punkt

"No fumbling around in the dark, no EM radiation emissions, and no unwanted calls or notifications in the middle of the night," said Punkt.

"Just the pleasure of entrusting your sleeping hours to a simple, stylish alarm clock that will charm you every time you wake up to it."

AC01 alarm clock by Jasper Morrison for Punkt

The slim, L-shaped clock is operated using a circular button on its back. Twisting the button activates and deactivates the alarm, while pressing it prompts it to snooze.

For night time, the clock has glow-in-the-dark hands and a ring of light that illuminates the entire dial when it is gently squeezed.

Scratch-proof glass protects the clock face, and the body is made of solid aluminium.

Ten winners will each receive one AC01 in red. The clocks are also available to purchase in cream, black and silver at a retail price of £125.

Morrison has worked with Punkt on a number of designs, including a mobile phone to accompany the alarm clock and a separate stripped-back handset.

This competition is now closed. Winners will be selected at random and notified by email, and their names will be published at the top of this page.