Geoluxe bases Pyrolithic Stone on lava-forming processes

Dezeen promotion: Geoluxe looked to metamorphic processes when creating its new marble-like material for kitchen surfaces.

The material is created from a  mixture of mineral-based materials, which are put through a patented forming technology to add marble-like veins to the surface.

To create realistic marble surfaces, the company studied methods that would allow them to mimic long-term geological processes, such as the natural formation of lava that occurs in volcanos.

"This innovative manufacturing process emulates the same natural metamorphic processes that produce marble, resulting in this breakthrough material," said Geoluxe, which won the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show's Gold award for kitchens, as well as the Best in Show prize.

The product has been designed to resist stains, chemicals, scratches, heat and frost, which allows for easy maintenance and a high level of durability for both indoor and outdoor use.

Pyrolithic Stone comes in seven different styles, including Bluette, which features a combination of grey and blue veins resembling Italian dolomite marble, and Eramo, which is inspired by the brown Canadian stone used by architects for the construction of palaces and cathedrals.

"The concept of Pyrolithic Stone is a combination of three words: Pyro, a mineralogy term denoting a mineral that is formed or affected by heat; Litho, Greek for of or relating to stone; and Stone, a material inspired from marble, resembling the beauty of natural stone," said the brand.

To find out more about Pyrolithic Stone, visit the Geoluxe website.