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Dezeen and GDPR

If you’re not already bored to death of news about GDPR, read on for details of our policies and for an explanation of how we use data provided by our readers, subscribers and clients.

The good news is we won't be sending you irritating emails asking you to confirm your subscription! Instead, Dezeen has been working behind the scenes over the past few months to ensure we are compliant with the European Union’s new data-protection regulations, known in the UK as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In preparation for GDPR we have completed a full audit of our data collection and retention activities and have published a detailed privacy notice, which can be found here:

The information below is intended as a more user-friendly guide to our data practices but please refer to the privacy notice for more detailed information.

Dezeen has always had a policy of collecting the least amount of data necessary, and to seek consent. We never have and never will pass on any details of any visitor, subscriber or customer to anyone else without their explicit consent.

Website visitors

The only data collected from visitors to our websites is via cookies, as set out in our cookies policy. The only time we collect personal data is when a visitor opens a user account for one of our services, or when they become a newsletter subscriber.

User accounts

Users need to create accounts in order to use certain services provided by Dezeen. These are Dezeen Jobs advertiser accounts, which allow firms to publish job ads on; and Dezeen Jobs jobseeker accounts, which allow jobseekers to apply for jobs via the platform.

Individuals and companies wishing to enter Dezeen Awards  also need to open an account.

In all the above cases we only collect the data we need to provide you with the relevant service requested. You can close your account and request that your data is permanently removed at any time by emailing [email protected], but please be aware that this will mean you will no longer be able to advertise or apply for jobs on Dezeen Jobs, or continue your participation in Dezeen Awards.


Newsletter subscribers have either given us full consent via our double opt-in subscription system, or are contacted by us for legitimate business reasons (for example if we have done business with them recently, they have submitted stories to us or we've published their work, we need to update them on services they have given their consent to receive, or if we know them personally).

If we invite you to an event via a newsletter we will sometimes direct you to a third-party RSVP service. We will make it clear when this is the case.

All newsletter subscribers can unsubscribe instantly and permanently by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of every newsletter we send. Note that in some instances clicking "Unsubscribe" will only unsubscribe them from the particular newsletter they click the link in. If you want us to permanently remove you from all our newsletter databases, or require further information about the lists you are subscribed to, please email us at [email protected].

Our newsletters lists and campaigns are hosted by and sent by Campaign Monitor. You can read about their GDPR policies here.


We collect data about people who enter our competitions in order to be able to send them a prize if they win.


Our comments are operated by Disqus. You can read about their GDPR policy here.

That's it

Thanks for listening! And in case you missed it, our privacy notice can be found here: