"While I'm eating, my 3D printer will be printing my barf bag"

In this week's comments update, readers are debating the need for faux-meat foods, following the unveiling of a 3D-printed vegan steak.

Meaty discussion: the "world's first" 3D-printed meat-free steak, designed by Italian bioengineer Giuseppe Scionti from Spanish startup Novameat, has caused controversy among readers.

"You should worship plants. Your existence came from and depends on them," commented DanD, in favour of the creation.

"What I like about plant-based meat substitutes getting closer to the look and feel of the real meat, is that it could encourage more meat eaters to question whether they really need an animal to live a miserable life in captivity," countered Gavin.

Nicole D disagreed though: "I stopped eating meat because I don't want to look at a piece of cow. I do not need my plant proteins to look like this, I much prefer them looking like plants."

"I can't wait to tuck in!" joked Alan Smith. "Just as soon as I print out my knife and fork. And while I'm eating, my 3D printer will be printing my barf bag."

This reader had an important question:

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House of the Year 2018: Lochside House by HaysomWardMiller Architects

Less is more: not everyone agrees that Lochside House, a cottage designed by Haysom Ward Millar Architects, should have been crowned RIBA House of the Year 2018.

"No character whatsoever. Good for a Christmas card though," argued Ted.

Dcbzyxkji went on: "It's 'breathtaking' only because I was so bored by it, I forgot to breathe."

Ragedrooster felt differently though, saying: "What, no curves? Not designed by a starchitect? It fits the environment without distracting from it. It displays a huge amount of restraint and attention to detail and function."

"A worthy winner! A lovely, sensible, off-grid house in harmony with a stunning location. Much better than last year's monstrosity," concluded Mark.

Another house should have scooped the prize, according to one reader:

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Oakland A stadium by BIG

Game plan: BIG has released visuals for a new baseball stadium in Oakland, California, as well as separate masterplans to redevelop the city's Coliseum sports ground. Some readers think it's all a game though.

"When you've given up on credible design you resort to gimmicks, BIG gimmicks," laughed Jb.

Miles Teg shared the sentiment: "This is too big even for BIG. This is just overkill."

"Got a BIG ugly stadium concept? Put a park on it!" added Orangeeli.

Benny was equally disappointed, saying: "Wow, what a rehashed mashup of old BIG ideas with a ball park clumsily inserted. Fail. Oaktown deserves better."

This reader had a different observation:

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House of the Flying Beds by Al Borde

Bedknobs and broomsticks: readers agree that The House of the Flying Beds in La Esperanza, Ecuador, is unusual. But some are concerned for resident's safety, while others dispute the house's name.

"In a word: quirky," said Benny.

Eric continued: "Pretty cool concept. Though I imagine the sleeping pods might feel a tad claustrophobic given their apparent lack of windows."

"I'd like to see a photograph of one of these flying beds," said Jdjorden sarcastically.

"Building regulation's wet dream!" exclaimed British Card.

Meanwhile, this commenter was preoccupied by a different feature:

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