Jaspal Store by Studiopepe in Bangkok

Studiopepe celebrates Thai craft inside Jaspal store in Bangkok

Studiopepe has completed a Bangkok boutique for Thai fashion chain Jaspal, using locally sourced materials that include handmade ceramics and rattan.

Located within IconSian, one of Thailand's largest retail complexes, the 460 square-metre store is designed to feature an array of contrasting surfaces.

Jaspal Store by Studiopepe in Bangkok

Studiopepe's artistic directors Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto looked to Thai heritage and culture when selecting these materials. As well as handmade tiles and rattan, they worked with linen and wood.

These are used to create a range of different spaces, defined by a tubular metal display system.

Jaspal Store by Studiopepe in Bangkok

"The concept is based on the interpretation of the free plan, a fluid and continuous design that incorporates different spaces without setting any barriers," the studio explained.

"The repetition of vertical lines contrasts the soft forms of the furnishings, while rough materials are juxtaposed with glossy and lacquered surfaces."

Jaspal Store by Studiopepe in Bangkok

To complement the natural materials, a soft colour palette was chosen, featuring shades of grey, beige, gold, pink and green.

"The overall colour palette revolves around the neutral tones of powder, nude, terracotta and celadon green, alongside natural materials such as rattan, linen and wood," said the designers.

Mannequins appear to have climbed a circular display of ladder-like shelves in one area. Meanwhile, in the dressing room area, diamond-shaped natural wood blocks cover the walls to create a graphic 3D look.

Jaspal Store by Studiopepe in Bangkok

Rounded forms feature throughout, whether on the natural wood countertops, the brass shelves or the rattan screens. These are complemented by a backdrop of rough concrete walls and terrazzo floors.

Studiopepe also incorporated some of its own objects and pieces of furniture in the shop, alongside a few Nordic pieces from 1950s and lamps by the late artist Isamu Noguchi.

Jaspal Store by Studiopepe in Bangkok

Jaspal has over 30 branches across Thailand. This is the first that Studiopepe has worked on, as well as its first project in Thailand, but the design studio has already been signed up to design two more.

The studio's other recent projects include a pop-up club they created at Milan design week in 2018, featuring retro furniture, intimate music performances and cocktails made by disembodied bartenders.