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Flotex Colour range by Forbo

Forbo's Flotex Colour flooring is designed to enhance wellbeing in the workplace

Dezeen promotion: flooring manufacturer Forbo has launched a new range that is designed to improve the environmental and wellbeing performance of offices.

The Flotex Colour range combines the warmth, comfort and acoustic properties of textile flooring with the practical and hygienic considerations of a synthetic material.

The flocked flooring range has ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions and zero phthalates, and also holds the Allergy UK Seal of Approval.

Flotex Colour range by Forbo
The Flotex Colour range, including Penang, aims to improve well-being in offices

"When designing a workspace, there are many considerations to ensure the environment positively impacts on employee productivity, satisfaction, health and well-being," said Forbo.

"Forbo Flooring Systems is therefore investing time to understand how different environments can affect end users, in order to develop products that can create better interiors."

Flotex Colour range by Forbo
The collection is available in five different designs

The overall colour scheme of the collection takes its cues from smart cities, with each of the flooring designs combining the pared-back hues of buildings with bright pops of colour "inspired by city lights".

Designed to fit with any office interior, the Flotex Colour collection is available in five different designs: Metro, Penang, Calgary, Savannah and Canyon, which was added to the collection in 2019.

As its name suggests, the latest addition to the collection, Canyon, is "inspired by natural earth and rock" and has a heavily grained floor designed to have a distinctive texture.

Flotex Colour range by Forbo
Canyon is the latest addition to the Flotex Colour range

Each of the flooring designs is available in planks, sheets or tiles, to allow for more flexibility and design freedom, and to work with raised access floors in offices.

In total the collection is available in 96 different shades. An additional 16 shades have been added to the Metro design with six added to Penang and four each to Calgary and Canyon.

Forbo manufactures the Flotex Colour range in a factory in the English town of Ripley, Derbyshire, one of 15 manufacturing sites worldwide.

Other designs by the brand include a range that references the artworks of Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, the Flotex Vision collection.

To find out more about the Flotex Colour collection, visit Forbo's website.