Rosa Collection by Marc Wood

Rosa lighting collection by Marc Wood Studio

Dezeen Showroom: Rosa is a new lighting collection by Marc Wood Studio that aims to showcase the "opaque beauty of natural marble".

Called Rosa, the latest collection created by British-Czech designer Marc Wood is a series of pendant lamps that are designed to hang separately or be grouped into clusters.

Each of the lamps comprises a double-faced LED base topped with a crystal glass sphere and a disc of Rosa Estremoz – a pink-hued marble quarried in Portugal.

The marble disc is backlit to emit a "soft, warm illumination, pierced by the natural veining of the stone".

The pendant lamps are available in three sizes, with the largest having a diameter of 35 centimetres and a height of 51 centimetres. Clusters of three and five lamps are available from Wood's studio and bespoke configurations can be made on request.

Product: Rosa
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