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Aura lights by Sabine Marcelis for Established & Sons

Aura lights by Sabine Marcelis for Established & Sons

Dezeen Showroom: Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis has designed two lights for Established & Sons made from cylindrical bars of pastel-hued bioplastic resin.

Over a metre in length, each light has been formed from cylindrical tubes of bio-epoxy resin made using byproducts from the agricultural industry.

Coloured in soft tones of yellow and coral, the translucent Aura lights take their name from the warm glow they emit when illuminated.

Aura lights by Sabine Marcelis for Established & Sons
Sabine Marcelis' Aura lights are made from tubes of bio-epoxy resin

The Aura lights form part of Established & Sons' new Live/Work collection, which the brand has developed in response to the "increasingly blurred lines between living and working environments".

Designed to be suspended from the ceiling, the Aura lights can stand alone or be positioned as part of a group composition.

A replaceable glass LED tube inside the resin casing emits a soft ambient light that is "easy on the eyes", making them suitable for home-working environments as well as relaxed living spaces.

Aura lights by Sabine Marcelis for Established & Sons
The Aura lights were designed for Established & Sons' new Live/Work collection

"My work is currently exclusively available via galleries and this is the first step towards making some lighting available to a wider audience, but in a conscious and sustainable manner," said Marcelis.

Established & Sons' products fair showcase coincides with the opening of the brand's new online shop.

It also follows the launch of its Live/Work collection at the London Design Festival in September 2020, where it introduced the new graphic Bloc tables by Pauline Deltour and expanded the Grid collection by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

Product: Aura
Designer: Sabine Marcelis
Brand: Established & Sons
Contact address: [email protected]

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