A visual of Voyager AR glasses by Seunghye Han, Soomin Son and Sieun Roh from Hongik University

Ten design and technology projects by Hongik University graduatesĀ 

Augmented reality glasses designed for tourists visiting foreign cities and a device for sterilising clothing feature in Hongik University's technology-focused school show.

The 10 exhibited student projects offer insight into the diversity of the senior design projects completed at the South Korean university this year, which explore themes ranging from self-driving cars to a monastery concept store.

Hongik University

University: Hongik University
Course: BA Industrial Design
Studio: Design Application Studio
Tutors: Keun Lee, Sung-Gul Hwang, Tate Eunyoung Kim, Jae-Yeop Kim, Sook-Yeon Kim and Joo-Yun Kim
Degree show: www.hongik-id-degreeshow.com

School statement:

"Hongik University's Industrial Design major students have the online degree show to give the people insights into the bright future life in product, mobility and spatial design. The degree show 2020 goes with the theme of 'Design Without Designing', which emphasises the essence of the things rather than the externality in the Covid-19 era.

"The 10 representative design projects out of total 76 senior design projects this year show the future smart life through the self-driving, mixed reality, Internet of things, and big data, and demonstrate fascinating design concepts through the inspiration by Korean heritage and the world-renowned brands' heritage."

Visit the school's online degree show here.

A visual of Tesla Trans by Jaeeun Kim from Hongik University

Tesla Trans by Jaeeun Kim

"We are living in various periods of transition. Tesla Trans is the concept of a vehicle interior as a midpoint that connects the house and the outside. It encompasses both autonomous and human driving, and it is possible to drive in different modes like a moving room.

"If you take the wheel, it will become the interior of the existing Tesla car, and if you turn back the seat and open your table, it will become your own mobile cafe."

Student name: Jaeeun Kim
Project name:
Tesla Trans
Keun Lee
Instagram: @jennyisworking

A visual of Colour Out of Space by Hyewon Seo from Hongik University

Colour Out of Space by Hyewon Seo 

"Colour Out of Space is Jaguar's future luxury autonomous vehicle. I aimed to redesign Jaguar's most beautiful past in the most futuristic way and used the new 3D sketch software a lot.

"The biggest feature of the vehicle exterior is that it is covered with a stretchable display. Therefore, the colour and graphics of the vehicle can always be changed. This was defined as the mobile media facade, and is named Colour Out of Space after its unusual colour."

Student name: Hyewon Seo 
Project name:
Colour Out of Space
Keun Lee
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @_hyewon_seo

A visual of G-Core concept – Honda X G-Shock by Changmin Bae from Hongik University

G-Core concept – Honda X G-Shock by Changmin Bae

"Freedom is the first and original keyword since the motorcycle has been invented. Riders have enjoyed freedom through it and expressed it through various cultures. I thought about what generation Z's motorcycle and their riding fashion will be, not these days typical retro styles. So this G-Core concept is my answer.

"I propose a new style and culture with the collaboration of mobility brand Honda and fashion watch brand G-Shock, through the keyword Gorpcore, which create a fresh style by combining practicality and their own characters."

Student name: Changmin Bae
Project name:
G-Core concept – Honda X G-Shock
Keun Lee
Behance: https://www.behance.net/Bae_changmin

A visual of Gyozip by Jiyoon Kim from Hongik University

Gyozip by Jiyoon Kim

"Gyozip is an interactive scalable partition system designed to enhance and encourage joyous interactions between the users. 'Gyo', meaning interaction in Korean, and 'zip', reflecting the image of a single fastener, is put together as its name to reflect the main experience of scalable social interaction.

"Gyozip allows for changing levels of interaction. By altering the openness of Gyozip, users can selectively interact with others – closing, when busy, opening up when idle. Gyozip not only creates diverse patterns and degree of openness but also works as a fidget and catalyst for interaction between people in various atmospheres."

Student name:Jiyoon Kim
Project name:
Sung-Gul Hwang
Website: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

A visual of CALDO by Hyoseon Jeong and Minjoo Bok from Hongik University

CALDO by Hyoseon Jeong and Minjoo Bok

"The need for sterilising clothing is increasing along with the concern of infectious diseases. CALDO eliminates viruses, dust mites, and germs within a few seconds. It also sterilises and removes creases using ultra-fine steam. The camera sensor embedded in the soleplate automatically detects the type of fabric and adjusts the temperature, pressure, and steam pattern accordingly.

"CALDO provides scent cartridges made in collaboration with perfume brands so that users can fragrance their clothing with their favourite scent. The remote control display shows information about CALDO's status, the detected fabric, and its steam type."

Student name: Hyoseon Jeong and Minjoo Bok
Project name:
Tate Eunyoung Kim
Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

A visual of Home Cardio Bolt Boxing by Hyemin Eom and Jeong-a Seo from Hongik University

Home Cardio Bolt Boxing by Hyemin Eom and Jeong-a Seo

"Home Cardio Bolt Boxing is a new approach to home fitness. It includes a smart punching bag, gloves, and a platform of live sessions. Users can get in their cardio while punching to the music from the bag's speaker.

"The bag lights up to the beat and guides through the combos. A heavy-duty spring allows a gentle rebound. The gloves protect the knuckles and the palms are covered with mesh to make them breathable. Bome Cardio Bolt Boxing's wrist weights can intensify the workout. Most importantly, it is designed to blend in with your home's interior and can be used as a home speaker too."

Student name: Hyemin Eom and Jeong-a Seo
Project name:
Home Cardio Bolt Boxing
Tate Eunyoung Kim
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/hye-min-e-a1a209103/ and linkedin.com/in/jeong-a-seo-538638150/

A visual of Omnis-Data Marketplace by Soohyun Park and Jiwon Yun from Hongik University

Omnis-Data Marketplace by Soohyun Park and Jiwon Yun

"Omnis-Data Marketplace is a project about the future scenario where you can buy and sell personal data. 'Omnis' is a data agent service that connects people who create data in daily life and people who want to get new insights by using data.

"With products from Omnis, three scenarios are presented from the most common data to private data."

Student name: Soohyun Park and Jiwon Yun
Project name:
Omnis-Data Marketplace
Jae-Yeop Kim and Sook-Yeon Kim
Website: www.jiwonyunn.com and www.behance.net/parksoo
Email: [email protected] and [email protected] 

A visual of Voyager by Seunghye Han, Soomin Son and Sieun Roh from Hongik University

Voyager by Seunghye Han, Soomin Son and Sieun Roh

"Voyager is a pair of AR glasses for foreign city travellers. Once users rent Voyager AR glasses with e-scooter, these glasses make city travelling richer and more convenient with a variety of AR services provided.

"Especially with navigating for electronic scooters integrated with scheduling app, users can easily visit unfamiliar spots in the city. Furthermore, users can watch and explore dynamic and vibrant AR guides at tourist destinations."

Student name: Seunghye Han, Soomin Son and Sieun Roh
Project name:
Tate Eunyoung Kim
Website: seunghye-han.myportfolio.com, www.behance.net/sonsooomin67af and linkedin.com/in/sieun-roh/

A visual of Archive Moleskine: Moleskine Space Branding by Haim Jung from Hongik University

Archive Moleskine: Moleskine Space Branding by Haim Jung

"In medieval European monasteries, monks transcribed the Bible to cultivate their mind. The luxury notebook brand Moleskine will open a monastery concept store in the middle of Seoul for Korean millennials who need time to reflect on themselves in their busy daily lives.

"Customers can personalise their notebooks, make records and have time to focus on themselves in 'Archive Moleskine'. The space is designed in a structure in which curves overlap many times, inspired by the similarity between the arched structure of monastery and the curved form of paper. The image used etching techniques reminiscent of the Middle Ages."

Student name: Haim Jung
Project name:
Archive Moleskine: Moleskine Space Branding
Joo-Yun Kim
Instagram: @haaim.j

A visual of Orbit: Marine Serre Brand Experience by Dayoung Kim from Hongik University

Orbit: Marine Serre Brand Experience by Dayoung Kim

"A concept space project for French fashion brand Marine Serre comprises a conceptual outdoor garden, cafe and showroom which visitors can experience the futuristic identity of the brand. The design of the concept space is inspired by the Moon, implying various philosophical ideas of the brand.

"The main attraction, rolling ball installation, is a unique structure that penetrates all the underground showrooms from outdoor gardens and cafes on the first floor. Balls that roll infinitely in the same orbit symbolizes the brand's values that connect various cultures, times and places together."

Student name: Dayoung Kim
Project name:
Orbit: Marine Serre Brand Experience
Joo-Yun Kim
Website: www.dayoung-kim.com