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Accanta tables by Maddalena Casadei for Pretziada

Accanta tables by Maddalena Casadei for Pretziada

Dezeen Showroom: designed by Maddalena Casadei for Pretziada, the Accanta tables are carved from Sardinian cork and based on a type of furniture traditional to the region.

Accanta is a trio of small tables that reference a traditional stool with a cork bark seat that Casadei observed in Sardinia.

Accanta tables by Maddalena Casadei for Pretziada
The Accanta Reading table is the largest in the series

The traditional stools are lightweight, durable and versatile. They would often be carried by people taking sheep out to pasture or picking olives.

Casadei's versions are pressed and carved entirely from Sardinian cork, which is left completely natural with no varnish or lacquer.

Accanta tables by Maddalena Casadei for Pretziada
All three tables are carved from cork that's left unvarnished

"Cork is a material that has always fascinated me because it is part of the Mediterranean and especially Sardinian culture," said Casadei. "Cork oak is essential for the local ecosystem and its processing does not harm plants, animals or humans."

Accanta comes in three sizes: a larger reading table and a smaller teacup table and magazine table.

The tables are made in collaboration with the family-run workshop Falegnameria Pisu, which created the dense waste cork blocks used for Accanta.

Product: Accanta
Designer: Maddalena Casadei
Brand: Pretziada
Contact: [email protected]

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