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WorkPod by Autonomous

WorkPod by Autonomous

Dezeen Showroom: designed for people who want to be able to focus while working from home, the WorkPod by Autonomous is a prefabricated office pod that can be assembled in one day.

Autonomous describes the WorkPod as "designed to be plopped in a spacious backyard", with its 17 prefab components taking around eight hours to assemble.

WorkPod by Autonomous
The WorkPod can be "plopped" in any spacious backyard

WorkPod is compatible with most types of ground including gravel, brick, grass and concrete, and can be adapted to uneven surfaces.

With its wood panelling and floor-to-ceiling windows, the pod maintains a strong connection to nature, while its noise and heat insulation minimises distractions.

WorkPod by Autonomous
It comes with lighting and electrical wiring installed

The structure is made of sturdy oak and walnut woods with a steel and cement foundation to keep it in place.

WorkPod is essentially plug-and-play, with the electrical wiring set up in advance. Lighting, power outlets, a portable air-conditioning unit and an internal ventilator are all included.

Product: WorkPod
Brand: Autonomous
Contact: [email protected]

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