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Christian Fischbacher and Hadi Teherani reveal Iran-inspired fabric collection

Promotion: textile manufacturer Christian Fischbacher and architect Hadi Teherani have unveiled Contemporary Persia, a collection of fabrics that "interpret the unique diversity of Iran".

Contemporary Persia includes curtain and upholstery fabrics that come in shades of blush pink, earthy sand and muted greens. Splashes of blue and pink accents are designed to capture "the contrasting colours of the Iranian landscape".

The patterned fabrics are made from a blend of both fine and coarse natural materials such as linen and wool, with added polyester.

Contemporary Persia by Christian Fischbacher and Hadi Teherani
The collection will be unveiled at Milan design week

Christian Fischbacher's creative director Camilla Fischbacher developed the materials in close partnership with Hadi Teherani. Both designers were born in Iran but then moved to Europe where they now live.

"It is Iran's inherent strong contrasts that make the country so vibrantly alive," said Teherani. "Contemporary Persia has been a unique journey for me to reflect Camilla's and my visions and translate them into a new, textile form."

Two fabrics from Contemporary Persia collection
The collection aims to celebrate the diversity of Iran

Fischbacher wanted Contemporary Persia, which will be presented for the first time at Milan Design Week 2022 in Milan, to fuse Teherani's expertise in architecture with the company's knowledge of fabric and the manufacturing process.

"We were particularly keen to harness the immense creative potential within the intersection of our fields of work – architecture and interior design," explained Fischbacher.

"We learned a lot from Hadi Teherani and his design team about the mode of action, spatial structures, functional aspects and the range of uses of fabrics within his projects."

Designers discussing fabrics over a table
Christian Fischbacher and Hadi Teherani jointly created The Contemporary Persia Collection

"Contemporary Persia has become a matter of the heart for Hadi and me, with a strength all of its own: cultural roots are inside you, they are often diffuse and hardly tangible," Fischbacher said. "To find someone who understands this language without words is something special."

Christian Fischbacher is a family-run company that has been designing textiles for more than 200 years and has created a number of interior fabrics, accessories, carpets, and wallpapers. Teherani is best known for the Crane Houses, three cube-shaped buildings that overlook the Rhein river in Cologne, Germany.

More information on Christian Fischbacher's Contemporary Persia collection can be found on the brand's website.

Milan design week 2022

The Contemporary Persia Collection by Christian Fischbacher is part of Milan design week 2022, which takes place from 6 to 12 June 2022. See our Milan design week 2022 guide on Dezeen Events Guide for information about the many other exhibitions, installations and talks taking place throughout the week.

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Contemporary Persia by Christian Fischbacher and Hadi Teherani
Contemporary Persia by Christian Fischbacher and Hadi Teherani
Contemporary Persia by Christian Fischbacher and Hadi Teherani
Contemporary Persia by Christian Fischbacher and Hadi Teherani