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Angell designs "one of the world's lightest e-bikes"

Dezeen Showroom: French bike company Angell has designed S/Rapide, an electric bike featuring an integrated touch-screen and vibrating handlebars that aims to combine smart technology with "sleek, agile design".

The S/Rapide is an upgraded version of the original Angell bike, and was designed to make everyday commuting more eco-friendly.

"With road transport accounting for over 10 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, a figure that continues to rise faster than any other sector, Angell bikes have been created to innovatively transform city dwellers' commutes while reducing environmental impact," said the brand.

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S/Rapide is an upgraded version of Angell's original bike M/Rapide

S/Rapide is the second e-bike designed by Angell designer Ora Ito and features a lightweight goose-neck frame, a leather seat and a smaller inclined crossbar that, according to the brand, make this model "one of the world's lightest e-bikes".

The model includes a fully customisable touch-screen that can display speed, pollution index, battery levels and an integrated GPS system.

A customisable touch-screen is included on S/Rapide

The bike has a removable battery that the brand says charges in two hours and lasts for 50 kilometres of cycling. Handlebars vibrate, indicating which direction to go when navigating.

"Angell expertly fills a gap in the market for a functional yet beautiful product that does not compromise the ability to move quickly and freely around cities, whilst simultaneously enhancing the eco-responsibility and safety of our urban environment," said the brand.

Photograph of three electronic bikes
S/Rapide is available in three different colours: green, black and silver

S/Rapide has been shortlisted in the product design category at this year's Dezeen Awards. Other projects in the running include Wheeliy 2.0 by Quantum, Tempo Move by Level and Suri by SURI.

Product: S/Rapide
Designer: Ora Ito
Brand: Angell

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