Entry Portals, Expo 2020 Dubai
by Asif Khan

Entry Portals by Asif Khan
Entry Portals by Asif Khan is the public vote winner in the installation design category of Dezeen Awards 2021

Public vote winner for installation design of the year: These three 21m high Entry Portals are the entrances to each thematic district of Dubai Expo 2020 and the first architecture people see at Expo.

Our goal was to produce a structure visible to visitors from a long distance, that envelopes space using the minimal material possible, gives shading, and provides a vision for a future architecture of the Islamic world. A simple architecture based on the traditional Arabian mashrabiya shading screen and grand gateways to the cities of old, yet made entirely from modular units of carbon fibre. Its vast doors are opened and closed each day.

Designer: Asif Khan
Project: Entry Portals, Expo 2020 Dubai

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