Dezeen Awards prices and dates

Prices and dates

Entry deadlines

The final entry deadline for Dezeen Awards is on 30 May 2019. Entries must be submitted by midnight UK time on the night of deadline day.

5 February 2019: Dezeen Awards open for entries

29 March 2019: early entry deadline

30 May 2019: final entry deadline

Entry fees

Entry fees have been set as low as possible to encourage entries from every type of studio around the world. There are reduced rates for individuals and companies with ten employees or fewer. All entrants can save money by submitting their entries before the early entry deadline.

Entry fees are as follows:

For individuals and companies with 10 employees or fewer:

Early entry until 29 March 2019: £75 per category entry

Final entry until 30 May 2019: £100 per category entry

For companies with more than 10 employees:

Early entry until 29 March 2019: £150 per category entry

Final entry until 30 May 2019: £200 per category entry

Prices exclude VAT.

For more information, visit the terms and conditions page.