by Bunkholdt&Kirkestuen

Modus by Bunkholdt&Kirkestuen
Modus by Bunkholdt&Kirkestuen is the public vote winner in the workplace design category of Dezeen Awards 2021

Public vote winner for workplace design of the year: Modus is a modular tabletop system for office spaces, that adapts to different environments.

It consists of seven pieces that can be put together in various configurations, such as conference tables, desks with monitor space, tables for libraries - you name it.

The project explores different materials and textures that add function and aesthetic value, disrupting the surface and triggering interaction. Its playful shape combines practical squares and soft circles. The user can choose witch-ever shapes that fit their space.

This project shows a new, unique and playful way of rethinking tabletops; less monotone, more dynamic.

Designer: Bunkholdt&Kirkestuen
Project: Modus

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