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Circular Truck Tarp
by Freitag

Circular Truck Tarp by Freitag
Elias Bötticher

Bag manufacturer Freitag has developed an innovative prototype solution that ensures product circularity for the benefit of all.

The collaboration with several industrial partners sees the development of a truck tarpaulin, designed to be recycled and repurposed for secondary use as a material to create Freitag bags – after which these can then be further recycled to create new tarpaulins or other items.

The fabric and coating of the tarpaulin are made of polypropylene, which ranks as one of the most sustainable of the petroleum-based plastics.

With the first prototype tarpaulin test drive project currently under monitoring, the aim pending review sees a forward-thinking solution to aid both the fashion industry and its transport and logistics counterpart to move step by step towards a circular economy.

This project has been longlisted in the sustainable design category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Freitag

Project: Circular Truck Tarp

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