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Cuatro Cielos
by Void Studio

Cuatro Cielos by VOID STUDIO
Photo by Zaickz.Moz

Void Studio has produced four apartments in Mexico to create quality spaces that respond to their environment.

The project is located South of Tulum, and sits within a plot where the design provides independence and privacy without need for walls working to cut the development into distinct and separate component parts.

To achieve this, the apartments are intertwined by way of the crossing passageways, bridges, and the matched angles that let the presence of the others be perceived in common areas. The name 'Cuatro Cielos' ('Four Skies') reflects the open feel.

The project was built with local materials such as chukum stucco for the floors, walls and pools, and limestone for the gravel and exterior coating. Using local and traditional techniques, application of the materials provides weather resistance and also pays tribute to the beauty of Tulum’s jungles and beaches.

This project has been longlisted in the housing project category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Architect: Void Studio

Project: Cuatro Cielos

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