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Dynamics Between Man and Nature
by Meta Menkveld Ontwerp & Jongma Ontwerpers

Photo by Jeroen Musch Fotografie

Meta Menkveld Ontwerp & Jongma Ontwerpers have designed the Dynamics Between Man and Nature exhibition in Oostvoorne, Netherlands.

This project's design is the result of a collaboration between multiple disciplines. Next to the design team Meta Menkveld Ontwerp & Jongma Ontwerpers, area-specialised ecologists and biologists, an artist, a copywriter, a photographer and many volunteers were involved.

"Nature organisation Zuid-Hollands Landschap asked us to recreate their visitor centre, into a welcoming place where the story of the area, the Duinen van Oostvoorne, is told," said designers Meta Menkveld and Simon Jongma.

The striking fact of this exhibition is that, although, in the middle of heavy industry, the area has the highest amount of plant species on the North-west European coast. Dynamics Between Man and Nature explains why.

In a harmonious setting, the exhibition shows how humans and nature were able to flourish in this specific area. The rich diversity of the landscape is showcased in different exhibition elements while the sliding frames invite visitors to change the (exhibition) landscape and experience their influence first-hand.

This project has been longlisted in the exhibition design category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Meta Menkveld Ontwerp & Jongma Ontwerpers

Project: Dynamics Between Man and Nature

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