2022 results

by 3rd Diadem

Photo by Gow Tanaka

3rd Diadem has designed Nagare in London, England.

This project is a collection of sustainably-produced tableware, influenced by the art of Japanese lacquerware and crafted from Richlite.

Japanese lacquerware has traditionally been crafted from natural base materials – such as carved wood, or moulded paper – coated using a harvested tree-sap-based resin to produce a highly durable, biodegradable, form of tableware.

The material is a phenolic resin-infused recycled paper that draws a parallel with the traditional use of "urushi" lacquered wooden bowls and dishes in Japanese culture. The carved naturalistic surface designs are inspired by "karesanui", otherwise known as Japanese dry or Zen gardens.

The surfaces of Nagare have the satisfying smoothness of a highly buffed pebble. Richlite feels like a natural material – it’s satisfyingly tactile to hold, and the high density makes the tableware feel suitably solid and balanced.

This project has been longlisted in the homeware design category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: 3rd Diadem

Project: Nagare

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