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Renovation of the Grotto della Roccia
by Enrico Sassi Architetto

Photo by @ Marcelo Villada Ortiz

Enrico Sassi Architetto has renovated Grotto della Roccia in Lugano, Switzerland.

This project is focused on the renovation of the Grotto della Roccia and was the "perfect example of a rebirth project," according to architect Enrico Sassi. "Even though the building was in poor condition and in a total state of disrepair, it was decided to conserve it by maintaining as much of its original appearance as possible."

The Grotto della Roccia is a small historic building – which had been out of use for almost a century – set in the rock at the beginning of the Gandria path and overlooking Lake Lugano.

The building has three levels: a basement with a barrel-vaulted cellar excavated in the rock above which there is a small terrace, a ground floor with one side made of rock and an upper floor of the same dimensions that were once only accessible from the outside.

Today, the Grotto della Roccia will once again become a meeting place where visitors can organise small events and enjoy local produce.

This project has been longlisted in the rebirth project category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Enrico Sassi Architetto

Project: Renovation Grotto della Roccia

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