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Scotsman Electric Scooter
by Arevo

Scotsman Electric Scooter by Arevo

Arevo has created the world's first fully connected, all carbon fibre scooter.

The Scotsman addresses the quandary that while electric scooters offer an eco-friendly and nimble alternative to driving, most existing models suffer multiple trade-offs: power comes at the cost of bulk, while easy portability often correlates with weak power and short-range capacity.

The design seeks to overcome such compromises, offering a green mode of transportation that doesn't compromise on power, range, portability, or aesthetics. The frame is 3D printed from carbon fibre composite, resulting in a strong yet lightweight and aesthetically pleasing structure, while smart features include an auto-lock and unlock facility via the Bluetooth app when owners approach or walk away, as well as a handlebar-mounted wide-angle 1080p dashcam which can capture photos mid-ride or couple with GPS to help owners locate their scooter.

Further highlights include an integrated LCD panel displaying battery level, speed, riding mode, turn by turn navigation, distance travelled, and distance remaining, while the app also lets an owner set maximum speed and select a riding mode for maximum efficiency.

This project has been longlisted in the product design category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Arevo

Project: Scotsman Electric Scooter

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