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Shenzhen Lotus Water Culture Base
by NODE Architecture & Urbanism

Shenzhen Lotus Water Culture Base: Landscape Design for Honghu Park Water Purification Station by NODE Architecture & Urbanism
Zhang Chao

Shenzhen Lotus Water Culture Base combines landscape design and engineering in southeastern China.

The project is an aesthetic and community-friendly public space on top of the water purification station in Shenzhen's Honghu Park, a lotus-themed municipal park known for its bald cypress forest and white egret flock. It was created with the interdisciplinary design practice of water purification and landscape architecture.

As the surface landscape is closely related to both flood control requirements and the underground water purification facility, the project simultaneously encompasses knowledge of technical logic and landscape production process.

The project is based on spatial prototypes of pagodas, pavilions, gazebos and corridors within traditional gardens, and conceals engineering elements such as vent shafts within a series of design elements that pay heed to the lotus flower emblematic of the park.

This project has been longlisted in the civic building category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Architect: NODE Architecture & Urbanism

Project: Shenzhen Lotus Water Culture Base

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