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Skovbrynet Basecamp
by Kragh & Berglund

Photo by DronePixels

Kragh&Berglund designed the Skovbrynet Basecamp in Skovbrynet, Denmark.

This project is a multifunctional housing project in a charming green area of Lyngby, surrounded by Sorgenfri Cemetery to the north and the east, and Lyngby Lake to the west with hedges and bushes surrounding the entire site.

Kragh&Berglund wished to preserve the lushness of the place and use the new structure as a gravitational point for visitors and locals in the area.

This was done by creating an attractive landscape with interesting planting covering the entire structure and allowing visitors to hike up the building for an unrivalled view of the area.

The comprehensive and technically demanding outdoor areas consist of many different trees and plants –all chosen according to their conditions for growth on the specific surface and ability to improve biodiversity in the local area.

This project has been longlisted in the landscape project category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Architect: Kragh & Berglund

Project: Skovbrynet Basecamp

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