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South Pasadena Residence
by Medium Plenty

Photo by Mariko Reed

Medium Plenty has designed the renovation of the South Pasadena Residence in California, USA.

This project is regarding a full renovation in South Pasadena, where Medium Plenty was tasked with overseeing a complete re-envisioning of the wife's 90-year-old family home, along with the need to accommodate her ageing mother.

The multi-generational property allows for highly functional and impactfully designed, separate yet communal living. The front facade is quietly preserved with unexpected reflection on the back addition that connects with the ADU. An abundance of skylights and large windows limit the need for artificial lighting.

The project also transformed the property into a practical, cross-generational home, by redesigning the existing rear garage into an Accessory Dwelling Unit for the client's mother. The existing garage footprint was maintained and reclad in stucco and wood to connect with the main house. This allows for separate, yet communal living, bridging different needs and lifestyles – while bringing the family together in a single shared plot.

The result is a highly functional space with enough room for a family of five while still creating thoughtful, impactful design.

This project has been longlisted in the residential rebirth project category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Medium Plenty

Project: South Pasadena Residence

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